Company Name Change to Synthetic Virus Technologies Inc.

In preparation for our first product launch this year we have changed the name of the company from SP-Nanobiotech Inc. to Synthetic Virus Technologies Inc.  This change was made to closer reflect the product and market we will create.

The first kit, available this year, will allow the researcher to take any sized DNA (linear or circular) and create an enveloped synthetic virus out of it.  The DNA of interest becomes the scaffold for the self assembling virus.  We’ve successfully incorporated linear DNA’s with sizes up to 48 kbp, but the size does not appear to matter as much as the viscosity/macromolecular crowding of the solution at the beginning of the reaction.  Viruses made with this kit will be capable of membrane fusion with a cell plasma membrane in cell culture or in an animal model.

Stay tuned for the new website and kit launch.

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