Smart drug delivery technology

shutterstock_155074334-[Converted]While smart drugs offer tremendous opportunities to advance how a variety of medical conditions are treated, they are very difficult to deliver.  Synthetic Virus Technologies exists to solve this problem.

Our patent-pending DNA nanotechnology self-assembles smart drug delivery vehicles by mixing the components in water. Put simply, our technology builds scaffolds out of DNA that act as assembly points for nanometer-scale drug vehicle bubbles called liposomes.

The strength of our smart drug delivery technology is a manufacturing innovation that brings together previously incompatible advancements in non-viral liposome delivery.  We build liposomes with stabilized structures that use membrane fusion catalysis and cell targeting.  Our non-toxic DNA scaffold liposomes can

  • be built to any size by tailoring the DNA scaffold
  • be easily loaded with any smart drug, including synthetic chromosomes
  • be freeze dried without structure loss for easy storage
  • be built with multiple layers
  • be used to deliver smart drugs to any address in the cell

In short, our non-viral technology has the power to take any smart drug and place it in any part of the body, even the nucleus of nerve cells in brain.  Our first application is a research academic market directed smart drug delivery kits that allow customers to take their smart drugs and gene editing systems and deliver them into the nuclei of cells in culture.  Find out more about the range of applications for our technology.

For more information take a look at a high-level explanation of our technology or a more detailed technology explanation from the scientist’s point of view.