Aaron Froese

Dr. Aaron Froese

Founder, CEO, Lead Scientist

Aaron holds a PhD. from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, with a background in molecular pathology and gene delivery sciences. Based on this background and his interest in inherited genetic disease treatment, Aaron started looking for a better solution to gene delivery. He founded Synthetic Virus Technologies Inc. to develop self-assembling DNA nanotechnology as a solution to past issues with liposome “bubble” delivery technology. Connect with Aaron on LinkedIn, read his blog, or contact him to find out more about his work.


Nick Dipietro

SP-Nanobiotech Business Advisor

Nick is the head of Natacor Inc., which specializes in life science start-up companies, providing venture capital and management services. He previously led Patheon Inc. from a small Canadian contract pharmaceutical manufacturer into a multinational development network with 7,000 employees. Nick sits on the board of several life science companies and is a director of the Niagara Angel Network. Nick provides strategic advice to Synthetic Virus Technologies Inc. from the perspective of an expert in the pharmaceutical industry.

Bill Vandermarel

Bill Vandermarel

Board Member

Bill Vandermarel was a former principal shareholder and Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Paradigm Electronics Inc., with sales in over 50 countries. Bill has also served on various boards, including the Professional Audio Retailers Association (US), Netaccess Systems Inc., and Young Life of Canada. As a member of the Synthetic Virus Technologies Inc. Board of Directors, Bill provides experience in sales & marketing, strategic planning, finance and board governance.