Research has begun!

We are now up and running at McMaster University through a research contract collaboration with Dr. Todd Hoare of the Department of Chemical Engineering. Our first efforts will be focusing on demonstrating the delivery of fluorescent tags and simple smart drugs into the mammalian cell cytoplasm. This will show the world that our technology is ready for the spotlight!

In order to demonstrate cytoplasm delivery we need to ensure high enough efficiency of DNA nanoliposome formation from starting materials.  This will involve designing new and more elaborate DNA scaffolds upon which our technology is built.

There are two known methods by which liposomes can deliver their cargo into cells; membrane fusion and endocytosis.  Continuously improving the efficiency of membrane fusion catalysis and surface aptamer incorporation will ensure that our liposomes avoid the less attractive endocytosis pathway.

To find out more about Synthetic Virus Technologies Inc.’s smart drug delivery technology, please contact us.

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