Treating obesity and type 2 diabetes

Man eating and drinking coffeeObesity and Type 2 diabetes are increasing in prevalence, creating significant health concerns around the world.

Recently, researchers at McMaster University lead by Waliul Khan and Greg Steinberg postulated that it could be possible to increase the body’s natural metabolic rate. The researchers showed that brown fat tissue, which burns fat and sugar to create heat, could be turned on by blocking circulating serotonin.  This is an exciting discovery as serotonin in the body does not mix with serotonin in the brain where it affects mood and appetite. By turning off serotonin production in the blood, mice fed “the fat mouse diet” could not gain extra weight.  The challenge is activating brown fat tissue without disrupting a hormone that affects other organs.

We know that some people don’t become overweight regardless of their diets (i.e. ectomorphs).  Using smart drugs and our technology, we could take ectomorph’s serotonin regulating genes and put them into another person’s brown fat tissue cells.  That person’s brown fat tissue would then burn fat and sugar at a higher rate without affecting other organs as the treatment would be targeted to the brown fat cells.  Since brown fat tissue consumes a large amount of blood sugar, this treatment could also be used either to help prevent type 2 diabetes or to reduce its symptoms.

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