Smart drug delivery kits

Man diving into a lakeOur technology can be used outside a clinical environment as a way to deliver smart drugs, gene editing systems, and synthetic chromosomes into cells in culture without using viruses.  Our kit has some critical advantages over virus-based delivery products such as commercially available lentivirus. Our product:

  • can be designed to target specific cell types
  • is not alive and does not require biohazard safety equipment for shipping/use/storage
  • is built with negligible manufacturing time
  • will not activate the cell’s immunity systems, which can modify the outcome of an experiment
  • can be modified for delivery to other organelles like mitochondria, Golgi apparatus, or specialized endosomes
  • is not limited by the size or amount of smart drugs that can be delivery into a cell

Our kit opens up a wider array of experimental possibilities that were previously unavailable to scientists.  Gene editing systems are constantly in flux to match published incremental improvements in efficiency.  Today we might be looking to deliver the CRISPR/Cas9 editing system. Tomorrow it could be a mutant of this gene or another system entirely.  No matter what editing improvements come along, our kits will be able to deliver them to the right place.

Another important development in the field of synthetic biology is the creation of artificial chromosomes and genomes. In the past, a process called Gibson assembly was used to ligate together very large sections of DNA to replace or supplement the genetic material of a living cell. Delivering larger sections of DNA is a complicated task that becomes less efficient as the DNA gets larger. Since viruses cannot deliver chromosome sized DNA, this creates a unique opportunity for our company in an emerging field. With our technology, the size of the drug to be delivered is not a concern as the diameter of the liposome bubble can be increased to encompass even chromosomes.  This becomes increasingly important as one moves away from cells in culture to animal and clinical level research.

We are currently on track for providing smart drug delivery kits for sale beginning in 2016. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us.