Genetic cosmetics

Profile of a woman in a field at sunsetAs well as helping to treat serious, sometimes life-threatening, conditions, our smart drug delivery technology could support the use of genetic cosmetics. Changing the colour, amount or placement of hair, for example,  or permanently removing scarring, acne, body odour or bad breath are all possibilities. Colour blindness and myopia could be treated with corrective genes instead of glasses.

Gene editing is needed to take the required cosmetic genes and place them into our cell’s chromosomes.  There it makes the change we want for as long as you want it.  In many cases the above listed cosmetic genes have already been found.  All we need is the right gene delivery technology to get these genes in place.

It could even be possible to change our sensory perceptions. Many people have a taste receptor gene that gives cilantro a foul flavour, for example.  With the right gene cosmetic, the delicious cilantro receptor gene could be edited in so that these individuals could enjoy a wider range of flavour!  Or imagine creating a sugar substitute that tastes exactly like sugar. Every time you had food including this new sugar substitute, your tongue would tell your brain that it is sugar even though it’s not. All of these can be programmed into smart drugs and applied with the right smart drug delivery vehicle.

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