Finally curing cancer

Healthcare worker comforts elderly patientIncredible advances in cancer research today mean that we have learned much of what we need to know eradicate cancer. The challenge is that we are largely unable to apply our knowledge.

Cancer is caused by a collection of DNA coding mutations that result in the removal of the natural mechanisms governing cell growth.  If we correct these DNA coding mutations we end up with cells that behave normally.  We know how to make mutation-specific smart drugs (i.e. siRNA) to kill only cancer cells, but don’t have a good way of getting these drugs to their targets.

With our technology a smart drug is delivered into the cytoplasm of the cell by surface binding and membrane fusion, making it possible to deliver any soluble molecule into cells of a specific tissue type.

One of the tricky things about cancer is that some cells around the tumor may not be cancerous now but could be in a few years. These cells may have some of the mutations necessary to become cancerous, but still have enough cancer blocking genes to behave normally.  Our technology makes it possible to blanket a tissue/organ with a treatment that would be capable of targeting all of these threatening mutations, not only those in the tumor itself.  This model allows us to be much more confident that a tumor won’t reappear in a few years after it disappears on a CT scan.

If you are interested in learning more the applications of our smart drug delivery system and smart drugs for curing cancer, please contact us.